Vital Imaging | Sam Solakyan Joins The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation Board

Sam Solakyan Joins The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation Board

Global Holdings, Inc., which includes numerous business operations including state-of-the-art tech medical services entity Vital Imaging, is thrilled to announce the invitation of its CEO Sam Solakyan to join the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation. Mr. Solakyan, who received the invitation from Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, is very excited about this opportunity to help serve at-risk youth in the County of Los Angeles through the efforts of this amazing non-profit organization.
The mission of the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation is to provide young people in Los Angeles County with safe facilities, planned programs, and the important tools they need to thrive and succeed in life. “It’s a tremendous honor to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors of this incredible non-profit foundation,” states Solakyan. “There is nothing more necessary, or indeed vital, than the empowerment of our youth so that they are able to become healthy, successful adults.”
“We are very excited to have Sam Solakyan join our Board,” stated Sheriff’s Youth Foundation Chief Development Officer John March. “His strength, energy, generosity, and enthusiasm will be a tremendous asset to our organization and its various outreach programs.”
The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, which was established in 1985, currently includes seven different mission-specific programs that focus on such issues as educating children about the dangers of drugs, gangs, and violence, empowering them to make life choices that avoid criminal activity, and helping them learn about respecting others and themselves. However, each of these programs shares the Foundation’s core goals of providing a safe haven and essential life skills for the youth of Los Angeles County. Since its inception, the Foundation has been a key component in Los Angeles County’s efforts to empower young people and provide them with the tools necessary to equip them for success. The organization collaborates with numerous entities throughout Los Angeles County, including the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, various public school districts, as well as many other public and private community groups, organizations, and individuals throughout Los Angeles County.
Significantly, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, in conjunction with its partners, offers more than just education, health, and safety programs and activities to the at-risk children and families it serves. The Foundation also focuses on building self-esteem by providing the services of deputy sheriffs who voluntarily mentor young people in order to help them develop strong character, leadership skills, and a positive vision for their own futures. Simply put, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation does not believe that safe, healthy young people and communities just “happen.” Rather, it takes vigilance, teamwork, and the collective desire of everyone in the community to build the pathway to a successful and productive life for our future generations.
Sam Solakyan is certainly excited about the opportunity to serve as a new member of the Board of Directors of this life-changing foundation. “I love Los Angeles and look forward to helping guide the efforts of this crucial organization. Today’s youth are our future. ”
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